They never seem to have that many clothes but always have lots and lots of outfits? Well there is a secret to their success, they have probably just taken some advice and had their colours and image analysed.
Very little is a born and natural talent, the people who look the best have usually taken some good professional advice! You may have heard of “Colour Analysis” years ago and now hear the term “Stylist” banded around on a daily basis but never really understood how it related to “normal” people.

Here at itsmycolour, we are colour analysts, image consultants and stylists for ordinary people who then turn into extraordinary people!! Time spent with us will equip you with the skills to look amazing with great ease and very little extra cost

Mandy’s Story
Mandy was nominated by her good friend Janet for a much deserved Colour & Style Make-over day. Mandy was in need of a big boost of confidence, she had lost her way with colour and had reverted to wearing neutral colours.
She came along to the day just a little bit apprehensive, really unsure of what to expect. However, the great team here quickly made her feel comfortable and had her excited to learn more about the colours she would be wearing.
She arrived wearing a white lace top but as we soon found out that as a Spring, she really should be in bright warm tones. Once we knew this we were on our way!

Mandy did not want to do any dramatic change to her hair, which was fine as her colouring was great. Nikita, our hair stylist just added subtle blond highlights and then cut and shaped to finish.

Our wonderful make-up artist Gaynor – who specialises in natural looking make-up, used the itsmycolour mineral make-up range to apply tinted primer, foundation, blusher, peach and beige tone eyeshadow and a pink/coral lipstick to complete.

hen back to the studio for new clothes in her new colours!

Mandy is quite a shy person and certainly not used to being the centre of attention – we say she needs to start to get used to it as everyone will be saying how amazing she looks! It is very hard to believe that this lady is 48 years old!! Tina our photographer has a very reassuring way about her and soon had Mandy at ease in front of the camera. She looks fantastic in the bright colours and it really brings her blue eyes alive. She looks young, fresh and a great deal of fun! What a difference a day can make!!