Here with us at its my colour, we are bringing colour back into your world. Read about Jayne’s day with us…

Colour analysis has been around for decades, but we are a new breed of stylists who combine colour theory, with body shop, style personalities and then equip you with the skill set to hit the high street with military precision!

A day with us will give you everything you need to be the very best version of you! Want to know more? Well read on and see how colour transforms the everyday to the super sassy no matter your age or body shape!

Jayne’s story

Jayne was nominated by her friend Anne who is one of our existing clients, for a well- deserved colour and style make over day.

Jayne came along for the day, excited and apprehensive, but we soon had her at ease and looking forward to the new her!

She arrived wearing navy and white, but as we found out she is actually an Autumn so is at her best in the warm earthy tones. So once we knew her colours we could get started.

Nikita our hair stylist toned down the bright blond with gold and brown low lights, and blow dried to a fuller style.

Gaynor our make-up artist used the itsmycolour mineral make up range to apply, tinted primer, foundation, blusher and a bronze gold lipstick to complete the new look.

Then back to the studio for new clothes in her new colours!

It always surprises us how so many people avoid cameras and having their photo taken. However, within five minutes Jayne was put completely at ease by our photographer Tina. You would never know that this woman was anything other than a complete natural in front of the camera!

So what a difference a day can make to how you look and feel. Plus, how others perceive you to be!

So if you are in need of a kick start, a reboot or a new lease of life, come and spend some time with us, take responsibility for who you want to be and let us help you get there! Everyone looks younger, healthier, happier and slimmer when wearing their right colours!

Colour Analysis with itsmycolour (£100)

Includes full consultation, and seasonal fan of your colours to take away with you.

We will also find the perfect make up for you and give you the opportunity to try on lots of clothes in your seasonal colours so you can put your learning into action and see for yourself how amazing the new you is !!

*itsmycolour make-up used for Jayne: Mineral Tinted Primer, Buttery Beige Foundation, Peach Frost Blusher, Bronze trio eyeshadow, Bronze gold lipstick, Brown Mascara and Rainforest eyeliner.