So Pantone, the company that provides a universal language of colour, has announced that the colour for 2020 is Classic Blue- this is a true blue!! Great news for us as it suits pretty much every skin tone, eye colour and hair colour.

True Blue  is a universal favourite, it installs a sense of calm and dependability. Just what we need in there interesting times!! It is seen as being very natural, the colour of the ocean and the sky.

Although is suits most of us, all colour seasons can wear it differently. So Springs, try teaming it with yellow, Summers, put it together with your pinks, Autumns, add some vibrancy and pop on some purple and finally Winters, match in some emerald green.

Remember, if anyone says blue and green should never be seen, just say…. when has a tree looked bad against the sky?

Bring on the blues!!

Mandy xx