In September, whilst working at BWSIT, I was invited with my colleagues to a colour class at itsmycolour. The class entailed Mandy – our Personal Stylist for the day explaining the colour theory and the impact of colour on different skin tones and eye colours. Mandy then went through our colours one by one and interactively got us all involved to see if our young eyes could see if the chosen person suited warm or cool tones and what seasonal colours suited us best. I was pleasantly surprised after the explanation how easy it was for me to identify what tones suited what person, as before I had no previous knowledge of colours and how they can change a person for the better or how certain colours can wash a person’s skin tone out and others make skin tones look refreshed. 

For myself, it was winter cool tones that suited my unique skin tone and eye colour the best. This includes bright cherry reds, blue tones, pinks and many more. I learnt that you have a wide variety of colours in the booklet that Fiona gave to us, which had coloured pieces of fabric for us to use as a reference in the future when buying or choosing clothes. A leaflet given to us with our specific season also tells us what colours to ideally avoid and what lipstick, foundation, and blush shades they used on us for future reference if we were to purchase these from itsmycolour. Having pictures taken by Fiona along the way was crucial in the process so we could see ourselves when we turned up verse how we looked in the colours Mandy identified for us to make us look awake, fresh, and radiant. 

The studio location in West Hanningfield was beautiful and relaxing. The space surrounding it was quiet and because of the nature around the studio, it made the experience more peaceful and feel like a mini day out. The space was well planned out, and Mandy and Fiona gave clear instructions of where to go with a tour included. They made sure we were never unsure and were there every step the process, which is perfect for any first-time experience.

Once our colours were official, Mandy went out of her way to choose three outfits in our colours that we were allowed to try on and have photos taken of us in our outfits to see how much the colours suited us. We were allowed to have the photos once we were finished which was a nice touch for the day. 

I was very impressed with how much time Mandy and Fiona had for us all and how long they spent with us explaining everything. They were so easy to get along with and like to have a laugh. For a nice, relaxing, and a fun day out then I would highly recommend this experience; you learn along the way, and they give you some useful tips to use for certain situations involving colours such as job interviews. From the start to the finish the time I spent at the itsmycolour studio was great and worth every penny spent.