Paula came to us some 10 years ago for a Colour consultation and found out that she was a lovely Spring! Since then she has been an absolute star model for us and her ease of wearing bright colours have been a regular feature on our website, social media and even our advertising banner!!

We have had the joy of following Paula through her career and the impact of her wearing the colours that suit her best; she is such a natural! Paula has given us her own words about her colour experience.

“Some years ago now, I remember seeing my neighbour suddenly looking so vibrant and lovely and hearing all about how she had had her colours done with Mandy. For someone that stuck with the basic colours of white, black and beige I thought I could really do with the help on what would suit me, so jumped to do it along with my friend. We had such a great day learning about our colours, trying on clothes and experimenting with colour combinations I would never have dared to wear before!

We were so excited to start stocking up on our best colours we went shopping straight away. It was such a new experience to walk into a shop and know at a glance what is going to look good on me, it’s made shopping so much easier and since then I’ve never wasted a penny on an item of clothing I never ended up wearing. I love the spring colours and have so much more confidence now in what I wear and how I look. I’ll happily wear the brightest colours in the room, something I would never have imagined doing before this experience!”

So, if you are not sure what colours suit you, they why not join our “Colour family” and invest in yourself.  What advice do we give when anyone is considering doing a class?  Do it, as you will never look back!

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