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Teresa Webb

teresa webbLocation: Head Office including Chelmsford
Studio: West Hanningfield, CM2 8UD
Phone: 07967 399996

Hello, my name is Teresa Webb and I work with Mandy Griffiths at Tanfield Tye.

My eyes were opened to colour by Mandy-she did my colours over 8 years ago. On the day I had my colours “done” I went dancing in the evening and received several compliments- being a Spring, I’ve not worn black since!

After continuing my own journey through Image and Make-up, confidence in myself soared. I have taken many friends and family to Mandy for their own Colour Consultation and loved watching the process so much, that when Mandy asked if I was interested in becoming a Consultant, I leapt at the chance. Having been a fully qualified Colour Consultant since 2010, I am delighted to see the difference it makes to my clients .