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Mandy Griffiths

Mandy GriffithsLocation: Head Office including Chelmsford 
Studio: Tanfield Tye, West Hanningfield, Essex, CM2 8UD
Phone: 07967 399996

I started my colour journey 15 years ago and haven’t looked back since!
Since having my colours done, and seeing the effect that it had on my career, wardrobe, look and life, I have been a dedicated advocate of everything colour!
I have been running my own very successful studio for several years and sees numerous clients every month. Changing their look, lives and confidence on a regular basis.

“Knowing what suits you and having the confidence to know that you look great every single day is truly liberating”
So if you want to get some of that great feeling in your life contact Mandy . You will not regret it and will move forward looking your absolute best!



Client Testimontal

Hi Mandy 

 I hope that you are well? Mum loved coming to see you and has been transforming her wardrobe and consequently all the amazing things which go with it. Thank you so much. We’re both so grateful. .

I wore the dress which you picked for me last time I came down to the wedding I was going to.It felt amazing to know what I was wearing suited me. I’ve never felt like that and got so many compliments. Thank you, you have genuinely changed my world for the better. 

Hope all is well with you,

Sarah xx