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Cheryl McLachlan

Cheryl Mclachlan Location: Ingatestone and Brentwood
Studio: The Courtyard Studio, Trueloves,  Ingatestone,  Essex  CM4 0NQ
Phone: 07962 207206


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A friend of mine had her colours analysed and discovered she was a "cool winter ". She absolutely loved the experience and sold it to me, or rather it sold itself, she look fabulous. I followed, and after having my colours analysed, I would shop religiously with my swatch of colours. Ladies would often approach me asking what I was doing and we would chat about the wonderful experience of colour analysis. 

I am a "warm autumn" but discovered I could wear teal blue - a colour I would avoid but discovered it's actually one of my WOW colours!  Needless to say I went on to have my style and image done as well It completely changed the way I shop and, of course, look. I feel comfortable and stylish without being a "slave to fashion".

I'd love the opportunity to help bring out the WOW in you. You will have a fun filled session and you'll take away the knowledge on how to shop for and wear, the right shades, shapes, lengths and colours to compliment your complexion making you radiant and youthful. Enhancing your natural look!