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About Mandy …

The effect that colour has on us is considerable.  We often define ourselves on how we look and how others interact with us.

I saw this first hand after having had my colours done years ago – the impact that it had on my career, wardrobe, my confidence, self-esteem and my overall life was truly amazing.
Who thought colour could have such power!

I genuinely believe that everyone is attractive when you put them in things that are right for them!  The right colour, the right shape, the right personality.  It is a formula where you will thoroughly understand who you are and how to look your absolute best every single day.

I have been running my own successful studio for over a decade and see numerous clients every month; changing their look, lives and confidence on a regular basis.

If you would like some of this insightful knowledge for yourself, please get in touch.  You will not regret actually taking the time out to focus on yourself for a change.

Looking forward to meeting you!
Mandy x