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Want to learn how to tailor your make-up to your personal colouring? Does your make-up complement your look?

This lesson will give you the knowledge and skills to apply your daily make-up or to create a new look with confidence.

This class will give you the techniques and tools to make the most of your make-up and give you the opportunity to analyse your face and understand the techniques that you can use to maximise your look. This covers all aspects from brushes and tools required to practising day, evening and natural make up.

You will leave with a good understanding of what make-up you need and where to put it!

This is very interactive and hands-on course with lots of practice time to give you confidence that you can do it for yourself.

If you have been wearing the same make-up for years and need to update your look or just need some inspiration and guidance, this course is for you.

For full details please take a look at our Make-up Lesson course outline pdf.

Interested? Send us an enquiry.