Kids Colour

Cost – £50.00

Happy children in huddle
Our kids are our future


Do you have any Kids or Teens that are interested in clothes but every time they go shopping, they come back with similar purchases all in “safe” black?

Wearing their right colours can make a huge difference to their confidence and self esteem –  we can help! We will show them what colours suit their skin tone and eye colour, pick out those that are  their WOW colours and help with different colour combinations that they probably won’t have considered.

The session includes a mini fan of their personal colours- they will be ready to go shopping and experiment!

This is a popular birthday or special occasion event with lifelong learning.


What to expect…
  • A fun session which starts with what colours they like best
  • We will look at what colours suit their skin tone and colouring
  • Once we know their “wow” colours, we will look at different colour combinations and also go through a few catalogues and magazines, showing how to wear their colours.
  • A fun hour with their own mini -seasonal fan to take away.