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About Debbie …


My dream growing up was to look like the actresses and celebrities of the time – elegant, glamorous, beautiful and to be an Olympic Show Jumper!

In the 1950s I wore beautiful dresses handmade by my skilful Mother

In the 1960s I wore crimplene trousers and an apricot sweater with Jodhpur boots

In the 1970s I went bra-less under pink neon tee-shirts with maxi skirts and flowers in my hair

In the 1980s I permed my hair, wore legwarmers and jackets with shoulder pads

In the 1990s I found a way to attain my dream by discovering a colour palette to suit my skin and my own personal style.

I love experimenting with colour combinations and shopping for clothes I love to wear.

My dream now is fulfilled by helping others to achieve a sense of how they can look their best day to day and for every occasion.

Debbie x