Cheryl McLachlan

The Courtyard Studio, Trueloves, Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 0NQ

About Cheryl …

A few years ago, I met a local lady and was really impressed by her style.  She always looked classy and elegant but without trying too hard.  Her skirts were the right length, her jacket would be the right cut, the top would always give a dash of colour and her accessories would be subtle suiting her personality perfectly.  I wanted some of what she had!  She told me she had a job where she had to present often and she just didn’t have a clue so hence the advice from a stylist.

I booked a colour class on her advice and was immediately hooked.  It was as if the whole-body image and colour flowed and fitted together, not like I looked before, whereby you’d see my face, then colour which was sometimes not at all complimentary to my natural colouring.

I then booked the style and image class and was transformed.  I knew exactly why I constantly fiddled with a scarf I had.  It had a flowery pattern and being a timeless style personality, it didn’t suit me.  A timeless needs to wear fitted, structured clothes and to keep it simple.  I also had a hint of glamour so I can carry off some sparkles and quirks.

That was just the beginning.  I had recently undergone some personal changes in my life and had moved to a house that had a studio in my courtyard.  To start with I’d put the boys in there to play on Xbox and then I started to pile in the garden tools and any old rubbish that didn’t have a place but I began to think I needed to use the space wisely. It seemed such a waste.  itsmycolour were looking for consultants so I met up with Fiona and Mandy, trained with them and haven’t look back.

So, my studio is now full of colour and is a fully operational styling studio.  Over the past few years I’ve seen ladies from many different walks of life, some reach an age and feel they need a revamp, one lady had her daughter leaving for Uni so came in for a confidence boost.  It’s a great job and I especially enjoy seeing my clients leave feeling confident and bold with a newly found enthusiasm for the importance of their image.

We do live in a very judgemental society, with social media adding to it.  It’s said it takes a potential employer seven seconds to decide whether you are capable of success and that’s without you saying one word. If you have your right colours and image, you are on the way to success!

I look forward to welcoming you and beginning your adventure to help transform you to the best version of you, you can be!